Frequently Asked Questions
about #bungle.fever

01. What is #bungle.fever?

#bungle.fever is the only consistent Mr. Bungle discussional group on EFnet.

02. How do I get to #bungle.fever?

#bungle.fever is on EFnet, one network of many available for Internet Relay Chat (IRC). IRC allows people to talk to each other in real time via text chat over the internet. You need an IRC client to get onto IRC. If you haven't got one, download one now. Some clients are:
mIRC mIRC is available for Windows.
LimeChat LimeChat is available for Mac OS
Once you have downloaded and installed your an IRC client, you must connect to an EFnet server. Then you can type "/join #bungle.fever" to enter the channel.

03. Why isn't anyone ever in #bungle.fever, except that Zulfikar guy who never says anything?

Traffic is heaviest between 8:00 PM and Midnight Eastern Time (US & Canada). That's 7:30 to 11:30 AM Kabul Time.

04. I've been around for a do I get the bot to recognize me, and let me set info. and stuff like that?

If you'd like to be added to the bot, or have any other problems, email: For a complete list of bot commands, see the bot section.

05. Can I have ops?

No. Once you've asked for ops, you can never ever have them.

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