The original platypus (aka Peter) was generously provided by B|ackW|nd during the Summer of '97 to be launched on a trip around the world, visiting various #bungle.fever regulars & documenting each stop with photographs. Its first stop after leaving Sydney, Australia was Warrenville, Illinois, where it seemed to have arrived safely...however, somewhere between Warrenville and its next destination, Mississayga, Ontario, it disappeared & was never heard from again. Fortunately, B|ackW|nd promptly produced a replacement. Peter II began his journey on September 24, 1997. Read a diary of his travels below.

04 APRIL 2002
OvarydOse has provided titillating photographs of her adventures with the platypus in Victoria. They can be seen here. Next stop: Ireland.

13 MARCH 2002
Pete was retrieved from over a year-long kidnapping in Spring of 2000 by BogusGrl. Having plans for the little guy to meet some big stars and have proof of it, she constructed a tiny shirt for him to wear. Pete then went to the New England Metalfest with her and witnessed some excellent talent of the metal genre. The pics that follow this length of Pete's journey can be seen here. Sometime about a month later, Pete was then sent on to OvarydOse up in Canada and has not been heard from since. We must unite to save Pete once again and continue him on his journey!

05 MARCH 2000
Photos of Peter & friends in Portland, Oregon are now available below.

31 DECEMBER 1999
Peter was handed off to steeef at the New Year's Eve Mr. Bungle show. We expect Oregon photos soon!

15 FEBRUARY 1999
Peter was returned to Concord, CA, where he engaged in several weeks of mischief with the locals, until his shocking abduction from MrKocol's home in Berkeley by a masked terrorist. It is believed that he is being held at Sofa-Q's fraternity house in Berkeley, but no demands have been made for his release. But hey -- at least we finally have pictures up of the Burke, VA & Bay Area visits!

09 JANUARY 1999
fuzuoko hand delivered the platypus to allevknar in Berkeley, CA to take back to Arcata and Eureka, CA. Pictures are already available. Peter will return to the San Francisco Bay Area for it's photos there before moving on to Oregon.

22 OCTOBER 1998
davenport hand-delivered the platypus to fuzuoko in Concord, CA. Pictures from Virginia and Tennessee are coming soon.

Peter II is now with davenport in Johnson City, TN. The Platypus list is going to be revised; if you want to be added to the platypus list, email B|ackW|nd with your nick, real name & address.

28 JULY 1998
Well, after nine months at Nickfoot's place (what the fuck?), the platypus was rescued by fuzuoko, fredbob & Mrphrtq. The three took Peter II sight-seeing in New York City and to Fantomas at the Knitting Factory. Lucky bastard. He got to meet Mike Patton, John Zorn, Trevor Dunn & Todd Nugent, as well as visit Times Square and the Bronx Zoo. Be sure and take a look at the pictures from NYC. Thanks to Mrphrtq and fuzuoko for the pictures.

The itinerary might be changed due to the long stay at Nickfoot's. Basically if you have been in the channel recently and you are already on the itinerary you'll stay on it. If you are in North America, New Zealand or Australia, let B|ackW|nd know and he'll add you to the list. European, Middle East tour will happen after this one, so hang in there.

26 OCTOBER 1997
The first pictures have arrived from Germany. You can view these by simply clicking on the Oberschleissheim next to the maps below. The platypus shall now be moving onto the East Coast of USA.

08 OCTOBER 1997
Confirmed reports from Germany indicate that Peter II has arrived. Photos should be coming through soon. Wish our platy luck on his trip across the Atlantic to mainland USA.

After much waiting & prayer, a replacement platypus has been found and was sent away today. You'll note that the schedule has changed to include Germany, Oregon, and Tasmania.

The latest reports show that the platypus has completed his stop-over in Illinois and is moving onto Ontario, Canada. No news has been recieved from Canada as to the safe arrival of the platypus yet. Emails have been sent to Canada, but so far there has been no reply. If you have any news concerning the whereabouts of the Platypus, please email B|ackW|nd at

Current Itinerary:

Oberschleissheim, Germany
Towson, Maryland
New York, New York
Burke, Virginia
Johnson City, Tennessee
Eureka, California
SF Bay Area, California
Portland, Oregon
New England Metalfest 2000
Victoria, British Columbia

Platypus image by Rod Scott
Australian Geographic Journal Number 12, Oct-Nov 1988
© Australian Geographic