Current Version: 10.0

*** #bungle.fever v10.0 released 04 April 2020.

<Zulfikar> Removed "Who's On" and "Statistics" pages because they were hosted on a 3rd-party server that isn't online anymore. Updated individual member pages to no longer show full names or email addresses. Updated the list of desktop IRC clients. Fixed several broken links throughout the site.

*** #bungle.fever v9.0 released 10 March 2002.

<Zulfikar> Everything

*** #bungle.fever v8.0 released 30 May 2000.

<McPatrick> Added the statistics page and Java IRC applet. Added pages for BogusGrl, GURT, pinchejot & bolero. Updated info and comments for many members.

*** #bungle.fever v7.8 released 05 Mar 2000.

<McPatrick> Added pages for BananaBoy & loanshark and a picture for BananaBoy. Added group pics from San Francisco & Oregon and updated the platypus section to include new photos from Oregon.

*** #bungle.fever v7.7 released 11 Feb 2000.

<McPatrick> Added pages for TrocaR, OvarydOse, vomitgod, eZillno, and Anti_hero. Added pictures for TrocaR, OvarydOse, vomitgod, eZillno, nordac, starleigh, MrKocol and Travoltaj. Added hella comments. Added a group picture from New Year's Eve.

*** #bungle.fever v7.6 released 24 Sep 1999.

<McPatrick> Added page for frunabula. Added a picture for Feeddog. Added comments for fredbob, lemurian, Dannik, steeef, tsquared, EV-9D9, and MrAaron.

*** #bungle.fever v7.5 released 03 Aug 1999.

<McPatrick> Added platypus pictures from Burke, VA and the SF Bay Area, CA. Added more pictures to the Group Pics. Added pages for Cracky, deadgoon, nordac, and Travoltaj. Finally renamed glocken to ADM. Added member comments for ADM, avantard, lemurian, MrKocol, prax, realkosh, and rollergal. Updated pictures for ADM, Coxy, Cracky, Dannik, deadgoon, mecorey, MrKocol, Mr0rangE, steeef, and Travoltaj. Made various minor corrections.

*** #bungle.fever v7.4 released 11 Feb 1999.

<McPatrick> Added a quotes section called Quote Unquote.

*** #bungle.fever v7.3 released 08 Feb 1999.

<McPatrick> Updated the platypus page and added pictures from Eureka, CA and one from New York, NY. Added one more picture to the Group Pics. Added addle and FaCeLiFT. Added member comments for AndyCouch, EV-9D9, sacrifist, steeef, and flokati. Updated pictures for lemurian and Mrphrtq.

*** #bungle.fever v7.2 released 11 Jan 1999.

<McPatrick> Added yorkdork. Added member comments for Aero_Zepp and Sofa-Q. Added pictures for shawn-. Updated info on Fieldy. Changed McPatrick's logo.

*** #bungle.fever v7.1 released 27 Dec 1998.

<McPatrick> Added member comments for allevknar, AndyCouch, EV-9D9, flokati and UncleAnus. Added picture for avantard. Added Johnson City to the Platypus pics.

*** #bungle.fever v7.0 released 14 Dec 1998.

<McPatrick> B|ackW|nd turned over duties of the site to flokati and AndyCouch. They completely redesigned the site and brought everything up to date, including adding new members.

*** #bungle.fever v6.6 released 14 Sep 1998.

<McPatrick> Added bios for sesame, scorpien, flokati, UncleAnus and AndyCouch. Added pictures for Midlife, scorpien, barker, Dostick, AndyCouch, PELL and lemurian. Added new members: Dostick, PELL and barker. Put the Members table in alphabetical order. Put in the new "Who's On" page.

*** #bungle.fever v6.5 released 28 Jul 1998.

<McPatrick> Added bios for MrKocol, UncleAnus, lemurian, mecorey, realkosh, flokati and fredbob. Added pictures for sesame, AndyCouch and realkosh. Added AndyCouch, esperta and realkosh to Members page. Platypus page updated with lots of pics! Part Four added to the Group photos.

*** #bungle.fever v6.35 released 29 May 1998.

<McPatrick> Added bio for apathetic. Added picture for shawn-. Added shawn-, sesame and MrAaron to Members page.

*** #bungle.fever v6.33 released 22 Apr 1998.

<McPatrick> Added bios for Hydrant and Sofa-Q. Added URL to venomiss's page.

*** #bungle.fever v6.32 released 04 Mar 1998.

<McPatrick> Added bios for spn2000, flokati, Sim, Koc, B|ackW|nd, Seyton, Epic, CrdStang, Nickfoot, Hydrant and venomiss. Fixed errors in Sofa-Q's page. Added UncleAnus to Members page. Part Three added to Group Photos. Changed format of version numbers.

*** #bungle.fever v6.27 released 03 Jan 1998.

<McPatrick> Added bio for Brakums. Added picture for Sofa-Q and Koc. One new group pic. Changed format of group pics.