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#bungle.fever is an IRC channel on EFnet dedicated to the talents of Mr. Bungle and related artists. The channel started back in August 1995, originally as #.bungle, and consisted of only three members. Then a new strategy was adopted: the channel was renamed #bungle.fever & the first five entrants were promised a free vacation to San Salvador. After it's second week in existence, it was named Best New Channel and rocketed past #TheBible in the Nielsen IRC ratings. It's been growing and shrinking ever since. Many clone channels have been attempted (#bungle, #cv, #faith.no.more, #peesex) but none have been more successful. Although the topic of discussion in #bungle.fever often has nothing to do with Mr. Bungle, it can occasionally be a great resource of information, or just a good place to kill 12 or 13 hours. Credit must go out to the following people who have helped with this page:

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Look out for continual updates... visit often. Also, visit the main Bungle Fever page, it has all the info you need in relation to Mr Bungle.

This sentence is dedicated to the memory of our faithful bot of many years, McPatrick.