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[2003-10-14 06:04:11] <SpunkyPie> semen has a lot of protein dude
<Wispa> :D
<Wispa> haha..dont believe the hype
<SpunkyPie> lol
<Wispa> makes a great tart filling though
<Neill> I've filled many tarts with my semen
[2003-10-10 08:47:39] <SpunkyPie> how did my arse come out?
<nordaxe> pretty big
<SpunkyPie> guess it's better tghan my moms though, it was flat
[2003-10-10 08:43:09] <nordaxe> my liver is hurting
<SpunkyPie> mine left me for someone else
[2003-10-09 15:25:16] <fredbob> i'm just a gay prog rock fan
<OlsOnAtOr> ehehehe
<fredbob> the middle part of that song sounds like fracture by king crimson
*** Signoff: Zillno ()
* fredbob scares everyone away :(
<OlsOnAtOr> wahhaha
*** Signoff: [kimma] (Client exiting)
*** Signoff: fuzuoko (Daddy H over and OUT.)
<fredbob> :~(
<OlsOnAtOr> !
<pinkturds> oh fuck
<pinkturds> its fredbob
*** Signoff: pinkturds ()
<fredbob> D:
[2003-10-08 13:06:05] <Agin> This track is _so_ soft pr0n.
[2003-10-01 13:44:38] <help1> TH/msg fredbob thankyou!ANKS!
[2003-09-17 18:55:43] <^FrisKie^> hahaha
<^FrisKie^> haha nice
<^FrisKie^> :P
<^FrisKie^> i know what im doing
<^FrisKie^> haha
<^FrisKie^> :P
<fuzuoko> are you retarded?
[2003-09-07 16:35:01] <Neill> !goat
<nordaxe> we are finally doing a album
<nordaxe> thats one of the tracks
<peeps> I wanna be fucked of a goat with long goat-cock
<mutedb> !goat
* friskgone has joined #bungle.fever
<nordaxe> frisk
<peeps> fuck wanna be fucked in the fucking goatmotherfucker
<peeps> ass
<nordaxe> I am so quoting all this shit
[2003-09-06 07:20:25] <b4rfi3ld> it's gay but it works.
<Wispa> or so said your bf
[2003-09-06 06:50:24] <Neill> I shit myself on my last birthday
[2003-09-04 12:39:35] <Ginger> http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/smeljon/lst?.dir=/Geek+Show+2003&.src=ph&.order=&.view=t&.done=http%3a//photos.yahoo.com/
[2003-09-04 12:29:56] <meggsie> pza is a fool for disliking mr b. AND STILL BEING HERE
[2003-09-04 10:16:53] <oeuf> ah yes, cant forget the whores
<oeuf> cuz i will need footstools
[2003-09-04 07:25:09] <Fruitypie> "but there's nothing so lonesome, so dull, or so drear than to stand in the bar of the pub with no beer
[2003-09-04 07:24:25] <Biooz> Motor de búsqueda en Españo
<Wispa> speaky de englessh?
<Biooz> ME speaka DA ENglesss
<Biooz> speaka hugo mon englanje!
<Biooz> I speak you EnglaND
<Fruitypie> I speak you weirdo!
[2003-09-03 11:22:41] 20 Wispa 2968 Today "funbags"
21 macabre 2716 Today "breasts"
[2003-09-03 09:32:34] <nordaxe> foo
<Wispa> fighter
<^GoNZell^> gays
<^GoNZell^> :D
<nordaxe> *** ^GoNZell^ is day182@41.Red-80-32-239.pooles.rima-tde.net (Mr.BuNGLe)
<nordaxe> *** on channels: #greendaze #bungle.fever #punkrockvids #blinkrebels
<nordaxe> no
<nordaxe> i think you are the gays
[2003-09-02 10:14:14] <Wispa> hey oeuf, you up?
* oeuf has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 376 seconds)
[2003-09-01 01:32:28] <The_PZA> Try banning me bitches, cuz my shits dope and your afraid, I bury all the bands you like,a nd get twice as paid. Fuck da 'underground" and all that shit like that, all of those posers wich they were as dope as Pat, thats another term for PZA, I dont give a fuck about the shit you spray, Ban me on IRC, and do all the pussy shit you know, but, everyone knows your just an insecure homo
[2003-08-19 08:54:45] <oeuf> wouldnt it be hilarious if you were driving along and a scone hit your windshield
<oeuf> i'd probably have to pull over and rofl a for a bit
<oeuf> -a
<fuzuoko> you must make it happen
<oeuf> i make it happen for others!
<oeuf> i just have to see one raisin
[2003-08-17 17:34:43] <fredbob> someone help me with mysql stuff
<pea> i will
<pea> what do you need
<fredbob> i can't seem to properly grant privilages to a database for a user
<pea> ok do you have a hammer?
<fredbob> or not
* fredbob (mikel@discorporated.net) Quit (bbl)
[2003-08-09 14:13:43] <Agin> Hm.
<oeuf> Eirik Schrøder-Tufteland?
<oeuf> is that you?
<Agin> Yeah.
<oeuf> how you been bro!
[2003-08-07 13:52:50] <The_PZA> im doing the most pro show ever tonight
<The_PZA> 5 video cameras set up at strategic places
<The_PZA> 3 sepperate audio recordings, so at least one should be good
<The_PZA> and i'm lighting myself on fire during the last song of my set
<Zillno> It worked for Daffy.
<The_PZA> and have 8 people who will have hoses to put me out right away
<The_PZA> i better get a decent picture of me on fire
[2003-08-06 00:49:38] <chook> we could start a band
<chook> Ginger on the fender rhodes
<chook> freds on the pocket trumpet
<chook> me on guitar
<chook> pea on the plectrum
<chook> joe on the skin flute
[2003-08-04 21:31:45] <The_PZA> cuz, if a girl likes me, a loose all respect for her, cuz liking me is stupid
[2003-08-02 23:02:49] <The_PZA> ayyo
<The_PZA> im drunk e
<The_PZA> and im gonna go drive
<The_PZA> ((((drinking and driving)))))
[2003-08-01 22:03:32] <The_PZA> i played 2 shows tonight
<The_PZA> and got kicked off stage both times
[2003-07-30 21:14:08] <The_PZA> pea, i thought you were cool when i was making fun of that first band that played at that cex show, and you said they must be better than me, cuz they were playing and i wasnt
<The_PZA> that comment earned my respect
[2003-07-28 04:24:23] <[8]^> there are two mildly hot girls here
[2003-07-26 13:15:49] <davenport> But we can't stay away more than 12 hours or so without advance notice.
<nordaxe> because of the landlord?
<davenport> No, Winnie.
<nordaxe> oh!
<davenport> She'll poo in the house.
<nordaxe> thats not fun
<Mr_Doctor> i have that problem with star.
[2003-07-24 00:09:09] * fuzuoko heart http://www.bash.org/?top
<davenport> <Zanthis(ALE)> AFK, tornado
<davenport> what?
<davenport> I don't get that one.
<daviduri> he went away from the keyboard, due to a tornado
<davenport> What's AFK?
<daviduri> Away From Keyboard
<davenport> God, that's a stupid anagram.
<daviduri> It's not an anagram.
<davenport> wait
<davenport> what's an anagram
[2003-07-18 15:17:17] <avantard> i think its just that feminist grops find it disturbing that men are associated women, sexual arousal and violence
<avantard> as if they are all the same thing
<davenport> they're not?
[2003-07-17 20:48:13] <The_PZA> im having a neil hamburger party tomarow night
<The_PZA> and no one is gonna go
<The_PZA> how fitting
[2003-07-16 00:26:09] <nordaxe> can I sent you a song joey?
<nordaxe> s/t/d
<nordaxe> fag
[2003-07-14 23:04:10] <nordaxe> there is something about sweaty, norwegian sailors with lipstick that really pumps my gnads
[2003-07-14 13:56:49] <nordaxe> whats the name of the bar?
<peepscum> bar mckinnon :D hahaha! very fucking funny...
<peepscum> (I think I take that back, if it`s allright...)
[2003-07-13 16:32:31] <fredbob> *erect*
<nordaxe> proving heterosexuality is gay
<fredbob> is it even possible?
<nordaxe> you should wear lipstick next visit fb
[2003-07-12 15:06:59] <peepscum> interesting ooof.. tell me more about hamburgers and eggs
[2003-07-11 12:22:59] <fuzuoko> nice penis though
<Zillno> WHY, THANK YOU.
<Zillno> *blush*
[2003-07-08 23:55:10] <Ch33rLdr> SHUTTLE COCK
<GURT> [01:05 AM] <GURT> cockin mouth?
<nordac> STONED
<devi> Also, see WANGS.
<GURT> revloving cocks
<GURT> revolving even
<nordac> iseewangching
<devi> Rev. loving cocks.
<devi> You spelled it right
[2003-07-08 10:48:27] <pea-> how big is it
<boeuf> microscopic
[2003-07-06 01:28:34] * effer2 (In6^@CWPP-p-203-54-206-175.prem.tmns.net.au) has joined #bungle.fever
<effer2> ok hello
<effer2> could some1 in here remove me from this site?
<effer2> please
<effer2> I like you all but I just want to be removed
<effer2> I am now doing other things and I'd like to be no longer a member of this channel
<effer2> Im coming in here to ask you to do this
<effer2> I don't want my photo and quotes on the bunglefever site
<effer2> it would be really kind of you to eliminate me from it
<effer2> not alot to ask in the scheme of things
<effer2> if you were me you'd want the same thing - please stop posting my information
<effer2> please- I beg of you
<effer2> is anyone here to answer?
<effer2> freedom of privacy?
<effer2> as a matter of freedom
* Ginger (alien@CPE-144-132-104-139.vic.bigpond.net.au) has joined #bungle.fever
<effer2> I don't want my photo on bunglefever.com I've asked that it be taken off
<effer2> you can't force people to be part of your channel
<effer2> it is probabably fucked up
<effer2> and illrgal
<effer2> whatever
<effer2> I want to be removed
<effer2> have I entered some nazi state?
<effer2> I renounce my time on irc
<effer2> i want out
<effer2> if you don't remove me then time will prove you are wrong in doing so
<effer2> so you may as well now
<effer2> you get some alcoholic wife making a fool of herself on irc like many others less deserving and you pin her to your channel
<effer2> good fucking luck
<effer2> you won't win
<effer2> cause you are the bad guy not me
<effer2> i've asked politely to be removed
<effer2> i have done nothing wrong
<effer2> except ask to have my details deleted from your members channel
<effer2> my kids don't like it - i don't like it - my hussband doesn't like it
<effer2> WHAT gives?
<effer2> it's just a point of choice
<effer2> if you don't fucking remove me I swear to GOD i will go out of my way to defend my rights to privacy
<effer2> your choice
<effer2> the worst that happens here is I ignore you
* effer2 (In6^@CWPP-p-203-54-206-175.prem.tmns.net.au) Quit (Quit: don't even think)
[2003-07-04 00:47:43] <pea> angryfly, hit ctrl-w
<pea> i want to see what it does
<angryfly> i did
<pea> nothing?
<pea> maybe alt w
<angryfly> noting
<angryfly> it made a ding sound
<pea> maybe alt-F4
<angryfly> haha
*** angryfly has quit IRC (Leaving)
* pea giggles
[2003-07-01 15:20:17] <AZP_ehT> if i wanted to know what i did last night, i wouldnt have drank so much
[2003-06-19 20:57:02] <nordaxe> (___)
<nordaxe> (o o) <===== pat
<nordaxe> /------\ / (__)
<nordaxe> / ____O (oo) <===== ayyo
<nordaxe> | / /----\----\/
<nordaxe> /\oo===| / ||
<nordaxe> | || *||^-----||
<nordaxe> * ^^ ^^ ^^
[2003-06-18 19:35:57] <devi> happy7, can I touch you plz?
<happy7> fuck off
[2003-06-18 00:22:01] <H|rophant> hi sin
<Sinflower> hello
<H|rophant> you awake?
<Sinflower> No, I'm IRCing in my sleep.
[2003-06-17 13:21:19] <fredbob> ass banana
<fredbob> red hat
<fredbob> :*
[2003-06-13 09:42:54] <_oeuf> i see a little silhouette of a gay...
<g4rfi3ld> scalamoosh
[2003-06-11 02:56:13] <kion> but i really for real bedtime nini now, im coming down now
<fuzuoko> okies
<kion> or something
<kion> i dont know
<kion> im lost
<kion> and going to die now
<kion> not real death
<kion> but death until the sun comes up
<nordaxe> that was beautiful
<nordaxe> can i use that for lyrics please?

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