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[2002-05-29 00:53:59] <evildeed> damn KOCOL - can we turn you into a puppet?
<evildeed> look at this mans ARMS
<evildeed> we'll plaster cast u
<MrKocol> Are you planning to shove a hand up my ass?
<BogusGrl> would you like her to?
<evildeed> i don't think we could REACH it!
[2002-05-19 16:07:16] <vanille> ha ha ha! you'll see my nutellalty!
[2002-05-19 16:06:43] <The_PZA> when im banging chicks, and they aske which method of brith control i use, i say 'Abortion, Bitch!'
[2002-05-19 15:55:35] <Bogusgrl> i made little twits in his hair and covered his whole head
[2002-05-10 00:58:42] <MrKocol> Yeah, it really is totally slay, no matter how thin you slice it.
[2002-05-08 13:58:45] * bolero fills fredbob's and kocol's holes and redrills new ones
* bolero +custom fit
[2002-05-08 13:40:58] <ArtOfDyin> bolero knows some tricks
<bolero> ......and how!
[2002-05-03 18:17:50] <BogusGrl> oh goodness i just lost my pickle in bed
<BogusGrl> now wher edid i put it?
[2002-04-30 15:34:12] <Stubb> I sure hope nobody tasty pops off
[2002-04-29 17:03:09] <fredbob> i'll show you a +b
[2002-04-26 19:41:35] <L4M3> thats gay
<B00daW> using the only non criticizing short word to describe homosexuality in a negative manner to describe something is gay.
<L4M3> that was gayer
[2002-04-25 19:51:30] <The_PZA> that ruled when he was spitting on tom metcalf, and then tom spit on the table, and dan whiped the tabel with tom
[2002-04-25 02:51:15] <Ginger> so i think i'd better stay hungry because there's a lot of curry and peanus and cashew coming
[2002-04-24 17:44:04] <IamSoCute> mexican people don't believe in condoms
<IamSoCute> they like tacos
[2002-04-24 14:35:27] <Bolero> Aids is gonna raise the cost of gold. All the gold workers in africa have aids thus raising production cost/medical costs.
<Bolero> let me reduce it
[2002-04-24 14:32:47] <Bolero> there it is
<GenPatton> ooh, big one
[2002-04-20 23:18:16] <fredbob> sex is diarrhea of the epididymus, for me
[2002-04-18 17:45:47] * radical_k eats it
[2002-04-17 17:38:52] <GenPatton> how are things down there
<MrKocol> huhuh
<MrKocol> I ask that of all my patients.
[2002-04-17 14:11:23] <MrKocol> buheth
<bolero> No entry found for BUHETH.
<bolero> 75 suggestions found:
* bolero stirs the beans like a robot
[2002-04-15 04:22:59] <fredbob> do not goad my eel.
<kimma> well you started it by fondling my tits
<fredbob> yes i know.
<fredbob> sorry about the spilt milk
<kimma> i'm still trying not to cry
<fredbob> there there *taps buns*
<kimma> now you're just being cheeky
[2002-04-15 03:52:34] <kimma> i like when my DSL goes down for a half hour
[2002-04-14 18:46:52] <The_PZA> more pizza for me
<fredbob> The_PiZzA
[2002-04-14 15:00:56] <nick6543> everyone else sticks it out
[2002-04-14 02:30:06] <MrKocol> It's like, I remember listening to Carcass, and I even remember that we were making a u-turn at the time of the revelation.
[2002-04-14 01:54:45] <Ginger> i cut one!
[2002-04-12 15:21:22] <fredbob> better to spread the thighs of death with mr. bungle than to spread the thighs of some diseased french slut
[2002-04-11 22:49:41] <MrKocol> If there are users online who have the file, WHY DOES IT SAY 'MORE SOURCES NEEDED' YOU FUCKING FUCKITY FUCK SHIT FUCK FUCKERSAAGGGG!!
[2002-04-11 22:37:24] <MrKocol> No, it's Captain Hazel "Hank" Murphy.
<BogusGrl> ah
<MrKocol> Who's got to have his saltpeter dosage upped.
<BogusGrl> :)
<BogusGrl> i should have my fredpeter dosage upped
[2002-04-10 15:49:41] <luz> quick good luck fondling, etc. huffing sniffing. love u
[2002-04-09 00:14:45] <kimma> i thought that G was gonna fuck me
[2002-04-08 20:55:28] <Interiour> i have a six string bass
<The_PZA> i do too
<GenPatton> awesome
<Interiour> but i'm lying, i don't really
[2002-04-06 21:29:50] <Interiour> i'm not in the burrito mood right now
[2002-04-06 15:09:10] <freja> my favorite show now *if i'm not repeating myself* is Parkinson
[2002-04-05 09:03:11] <EV-9D9> YOU BETTER!
<Interiour> I BEST!
[2002-04-04 23:52:55] <kimma> "i want to dip my balls in it"
[2002-04-04 17:34:46] <brel> chicken strips. is that a special room in the hustler club
[2002-04-04 17:30:13] <ch33rLdr>well i guess i will go watch my homo movie
[2002-04-04 09:36:56] * bolero wonders why he has doggie treats in his pocket
[2002-04-03 19:51:39] <radical_kimma> i had a good one but no where to put it
<fr3db0b> yeah, i think that to myself each night
[2002-04-03 18:47:15] <GenPatton> my aunt watched keanu reaves and charlize theron fuck in a private jet (through the cockpit window)
[2002-04-03 17:29:14] <GenPatton> we were just talking about how your father is an airplane
<fuzuoko> you're all in trouble!
[2002-04-03 16:16:14] <fredbob> he likes a little "probation" from what i heard
[2002-04-03 11:47:03] <ch33rLdr> Topic: How about Bungle Party '03?
*** fuzuoko changes topic to '<ch33rLdr> Topic: How about Bungle Party '03?'
<H|rophant> red bull and vodka's for everyone
<fuzuoko> sounds good to me!
[2002-04-03 11:12:54] <Interiour> rah rah rah and all that
[2002-04-03 09:17:42] <GenPatton> I am about to do the unthinkable and reheat a Bacon Crossanwich
<fuzuoko> oh dear
<Interiour> mann
<Interiour> i need goof
<Interiour> haha
<Interiour> i meant food
<Interiour> i was one key off
<Interiour> that's funny
<H|rophant> hehe
<H|rophant> nice goof, goof
[2002-04-02 12:33:45] <fredbob> i'm perky though
<buspar> perly all over or only when pr0n is on the tv
<buspar> perly/perky
<fredbob> pr0n makes me make you perly all over
<fredbob> ;D
[2002-04-02 09:04:25] <The_PZA> ive got cds fucking everywhere
<Interiour> cds fucking?
<ch33rLdr> yum
[2002-04-01 00:24:29] *** bolero has left #bungle.fever
*** U8er has joined #bungle.fever
<U8er> :)
<U8er> got mooo juice?
<U8er> You want some new RUSH?
<avantard> yes please
<U8er> yes please what be more pacific?
[2002-03-31 20:43:21] <fredbob> i had afghan food last night
<fredbob> it ruled.
<avantard> mm
<GURT> was it gritty?
<kimma> was it curry?
<GURT> was it made up in a hurry?
<The_PZA> hahaha
<fredbob> it was neither, it was neat
<fredbob> it's something i again will eat
<The_PZA> you guys should be a rap group

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