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[2002-03-29 15:55:11] <fuzuoko> hey, look at cooter davenport!
[2002-03-28 23:51:42] <bolero> I wonder if cocks fight each other because in some strange way they know that all the feamles are locked up in big building producing eggs for humans.
<bolero> And being locked up they are not out in the cocks eye ready and willing to calm a cock down
<bolero> Being that a cock senses that, they become filled with rage. "what is the point in living if my means to reproducing are nill?"....asked the cock
<bolero> "Those silly human boarded up all the pussy(feathers) and I am deading for one. What the fuck you looking at you COCK. I'll kill you!" ..remarked the cock
[2002-03-28 19:10:11] <pinchejot> i had a dream about bjork once
<pinchejot> she kept asking me to punch her in the face after I buttfucked her
[2002-03-28 16:12:17] <H|rophant> will i have to do the water displacement test to find my dick in cc's?
[2002-03-28 15:46:45] * luz asscheeks open to sexy interpretation. also for christ's love
[2002-03-28 15:36:22] * BogusGrl is only able to store a single tenderloin in her storage facility
[2002-03-28 15:16:02] * BogusGrl bastes herself and bakes at just above body temp for 45 min
[2002-03-28 15:11:34] valient attempt at correct usage:
<Bolero> /me kisses you
[2002-03-28 15:08:45] <Zulfikar> fredbob, OlsOnAtOr (www@ was last seen quitting from #bungle.fever 5 days 8 hours 55 minutes 14 seconds ago (23.03. 06:04) stating "Leaving" after spending 6 minutes 39 seconds there.
[2002-03-28 15:07:35] * fredbob follows kimma's tail
<kimma> i had a frozen one yesterday
[2002-03-28 14:49:16] <BogusGrl> thanks for filling in my questioning mind
[2002-03-28 14:28:44] <kimma> it's not funny my ass is on fire
* fredbob whips out his firehose
[2002-03-27 23:41:38] *** Signoff: mikk (such tacos will i give)
[2002-03-27 20:14:20] <BogusGrl> play with your lady bug for me a bit
[2002-03-27 19:47:00] <The_PZA> i suck at not ruling
[2002-03-27 19:42:22] * BogusGrl beats pza with her moldy limbs
[2002-03-27 19:30:16] <luz> hi fbob
<luz> will you administer oral sex now plz.
[2002-03-27 18:19:22] <BogusGrl> i haven't done much sucking in many a day
[2002-03-27 18:02:19] <Stubb> does such a medical condition exist where you keep getting the smell of semen in your nostrils?
[2002-03-27 15:54:53] <The_PZA> i killed 4 people in reno
<The_PZA> just because i didnt like they're haircuts
<Interiour> i did that too
<Interiour> because i can
<The_PZA> good job
<The_PZA> i slaped paul mccartney once
<The_PZA> because i could
<The_PZA> and, do you know why i could?
<Interiour> why?
<Interiour> because you're so cool?
<Interiour> because you have arms?
<The_PZA> no, because i could
<Interiour> that's so awesome
<The_PZA> yeah, but then i bought him a beer cuz i felt bad about the whole thing
<Interiour> you're a good man
[2002-03-26 18:30:05] <bolero> crazy little money-saving napkins
<imagtionation> I am fine, well, happy and ever gravitating towards this
[2002-03-26 00:12:27] <bolero> I saw something in nature the other day, and I said to myself 'that's something certain. long after my imagination is gone...nature with still happen.'
[2002-03-24 20:29:10] <BogusGrl> i thnk fredbob should be released on dvd
* fredbob releases evil seed in bogusGrl
[2002-03-24 19:54:54] <BogusGrl> i shot the shereif, but i didn't shoot the deputy
[2002-03-24 18:53:40] <bolero> actually if she is spreading let me let go of some stuff in there
[2002-03-24 16:35:49] <BogusGrl> the vibrations kept tickling my lips and making me laugh
[2002-03-23 19:55:40] <bolero> EXCUSE ME MY BOWELS NEED HOT SUGARY LIQUIDS
[2002-03-19 21:55:05] <luz> there seems to be a suspicious leakage coming out of my crack. i require maintenance
[2002-03-19 19:00:01] <luz> <fredbob> stickers and suckers, fun for kids
<luz> <fredbob> or fun with kids
<BogusGrl> i like both
[2002-03-19 15:39:07] <fredbob> i was under the impression they were leaving end of this month, either for LA or Germany
<MrKocol> I have been under impressions before, and let me tell you, BOY HOWDY.
<fredbob> that's impressive
<fredbob> so to speak.
[2002-03-18 12:05:20] <MrKocol> Arm wrestling is a great way to see what two people probably look like while defecating.
[2002-03-17 23:07:23] <bolero> who you calling a bitch, you tranny?
[2002-03-17 22:19:53] <Stubb> Heather and Stubb sitting in a tree, Dyking it to the max
[2002-03-17 22:11:52] <bobgirl> and i'm out to stick my fat dick up yor pickee
[2002-03-17 21:58:19] <bobgirl> i'm telly you the butt is a mince pie
[2002-03-17 21:53:48] <Mikavelli> it's good to have found another Prick fan.
[2002-03-17 15:23:23] <Stubb_> his cock isn't that big.. jesus
<Mikavelli> you are in
[2002-03-17 08:33:25] <Stubb> bye folks! Happy St Patricks day!!!!!! The day when everybody is a little bit Irish...except of course for the gays and the Italians.
[2002-03-13 23:48:51] <davenport> I taste like lard.
<Interiour> man, i'm hungry
[2002-03-13 21:23:52] <bobgirl> insects are really primed aliens who are controlling the galaxy
[2002-03-13 21:13:44] <fredbob> i am very much a people watcher, and i notice a lot and i am very manipulative in extracting imformation in conversation too
<fredbob> hi wrong window
[2002-03-13 15:16:12] <freja> how did I actually get to like beans!?
[2002-03-13 10:05:28] <H|rophant> this reminds me i have 1/2 a sandwich left at my home
<H|rophant> minus the bite taken by a girly
<fuzuoko> sandwich slut
<H|rophant> i would like this girl to take bites from my sandwich more often
[2002-03-12 16:41:16] * NoBal sings LUCILE, DON'T YOU DO YOUR DADDY WRONG....LUCILLE
<MrKocol> So is HUHUHUH...and MMMHHEH.
[2002-03-10 23:50:29] <BogusGrl> i have scar that's still pink from healing on the first knuckle of the middle finger on my right hand where a tuna fish can but while i was washing it 3 weeks ago or so
[2002-03-10 20:23:09] <pea> wanna be my bf?
<bolero> maybe
<pea> ...really?
<bolero> maybe not
<pea> oh
<pea> quit playin games with my heart
[2002-03-10 16:03:30] * bolero *hot sauce and peppermint luck for better grinds*
<BogusGrl> skateboarding?
<bolero> hel yeah!
<EV-9D9> fag boarding
<bolero> still got that oregon inferiority?
<EV-9D9> still got that taste of cum in your mouth?
<bolero> yes, but it's my cum
<bolero> HA!
[2002-03-10 11:24:13] <bolero> BBL.TIME TO BArf
*** bolero (bolero@12-233-168-183.client.attbi.com) Quit ('PLEASE LET ME MAKE IT TO THE TIOLET')
[2002-03-10 02:17:26] <freja6> i have get it off my pillow cause my hair is like a SPIDER

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